5 Goals You Can Actually Achieve Next Year


Another year is upon us, and most of us are making goals and resolutions for 2017, both for our personal lives and businesses. How do you decide what’s important enough

Auditing 2016 and Planning for the Future


2017 is right around the corner! I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe Christmas is 4 days away. One thing is for sure: It’s difficult to prioritize planning

Why an Editorial Calendar


I like Gilmore Girls, so it’s no surprise that at some point a scene from this show would make its way into my blog. Here it is: In the episode

Don’t Quit Your Day Job


Getting personal here… The past few days have been ones of change, contemplating and second-guessing as things change. Change used to annoy me, but I’m learning to embrace this unavoidable

How to Sell without Being Sleazy


“Manipulation is getting someone to buy something they’ll regret later. Marketing is getting them to buy something they’re glad they bought.” – Seth Godin (From Seth Godin’s Startup School. Podcast

Clients: The Good, The Bad and the Cheap


“You don’t have to do client work.” When I heard that statement and the reasoning behind it, I felt validated. I felt like I was given permission to be an

How to Speak Up Before You’re an Expert


Content, content, content! Every entrepreneur I’ve learned from so far has said the same thing: that creating valuable content was the most important step of launching a business. Not only do

How to Handle Competition


Many people will tell you that competition is a bad thing. If you’re in the middle of launching your business, you may be tempted to keep your plans a secret,

How to not be the Ex-Boss You Disliked


Think back through all your past bosses. What are the worst characteristics of each? Were they harsh, petty or unapproachable? Did they show favoritism, sexism or lie? Do they create

The Importance of a Business Plan


This morning I read a Facebook post from a fellow creative entrepreneur who excitedly informed us that she quit her day job in order to pursue her passion full time!